Limitations of Component Interface

When you create a new component interface (CI), you have to select the component to build the component interface from. Sometimes the component you choose may not be suitable to be used as a CI, even if it is a Peoplesoft delivered component. There are limitations, some of which are documented in the Component Interface PeopleTools Peoplebooks.

For example, if the component you used as the underlying component for CI makes use of the following functions, your new CI will not work properly. Components with the functionalities below will not work properly as component interfaces

  1. Has link/button on page, which bring up secondary page to input additional data.
  2. Uses the PeopleCode events and functions that relate exclusively to GUI and online processing. These include:
    • Search dialog processing.
      When you run a component interface, the SearchInit, SearchSave, and RowSelect events don’t fire. This means that any PeopleCode associated with these events will not run. The first event to run is RowInit.
    • Menu PeopleCode and pop-up menus.
      The ItemSelected and PrePopup PeopleCode events are not supported. In addition, the CheckMenuItem, DisableMenuItem, EnableMenuItem, HideMenuItem, and UncheckMenuItem functions arent available.
    • Transfers between components, including modal transfers.
      The TransferPage, DoModalPageGroup, and IsModalPageGroup functions cannot be used.
    • Dynamic tree controls.
      Functions related to this control, such as GetSelectedTreeNode, GetTreeNodeParent, GetTreeRecordName, RefreshTree, and TreeDetailInNode cannot be used.
    • ActiveX controls.
      The PSControlInit and PSLostFocus events are not supported, and the GetControl function cannot be used.
    • DoSave() and DoSaveNow().
      The DoSave() and DoSaveNow() PeopleCode functions are not supported. You should use the component interface Save() method and wrap the DoSave() and DoSaveNow() functions so they dont execute when called from a component interface.
    • Functions that are ignored in a component interface call.
      Some PeopleCode functions are ignored if they are called through a component interface. These functions are:
      • WinMessage
      • CheckMenuItem
      • DisableMenuItem
      • EnableMenuItem
      • HideMenuItem
      • UncheckMenuItem
      • SetCursorPos
      • TransferPanel
      • TransferPage
      • DoModalComponent
      • IsModalComponent
      • DoModalPanelGroup
      • IsModalPanelGroup
      • GetSelectedTreeNode
      • GetTreeNodeParent
      • RefreshTree
      • TreeDetailInNode
      • GetControl
      • DoSave
      • DoSaveNow
      • Gray
      • Ungray