Marcel Hoffs

Integrate PeopleSoft with an unsupported LDAP server (Synology LDAP)

This document describes how to integrate a PeopleSoft system with Synology LDAP server. This is kind of a weird combination as PeopleSoft is mainly used in bigger enterprises, while Synology LDAP server is a very limited directory product, which you are more likely to find in a small business. So why would we do this? …

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Merging PeopleSoft trees

This article describes, based on a very simple example, how to merge trees into other trees. This just describes the strategy. If a full-fledged process has to be written to do this, then there will be a lot of extra details to think about, though this is not the aim of this article.

BI Publisher Quickstart Guide

Want to get started with BI Publisher for PeopleSoft? Check out this quickstart guide. It teaches you the basics by example so you can quickly start making useful reports. It’s a somewhat older document I wrote almost 10 years ago, but the basics still hold today. BI Publisher Quickstart Guide (PDF)