Setup Oracle 32-bit client and 64-bit client on a workstation

Sometimes it is necessary to have both a 32-bit Oracle client as a 64-bit Oracle client on the same system. This is for example the case if you develop for various PeopleSoft systems that run on different PeopleTools versions. For example if you have a system on PeopleTools 8.52, which provides 32-bit versions of applications like Application Designer and Data Mover, you will need a 32-bit Oracle client. Since PeopleTools 8.54 these applications are 64-bit and then you need a 64-bit client.
Another situation can be when you upgrade PeopleSoft from 9.1 to 9.2 for example and you go from a 32-bit PeopleTools version to a 64-bit PeopleTools version. In this case Change Assistant will require access to different tools versions which require different Oracle clients.

This article describes how to install both the 32-bit and the 64-bit Oracle InstantClient on a workstation.

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Limitations of Component Interface

When you create a new component interface (CI), you have to select the component to build the component interface from. Sometimes the component you choose may not be suitable to be used as a CI, even if it is a Peoplesoft delivered component. There are limitations, some of which are documented in the Component Interface PeopleTools Peoplebooks.

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